An exhibition by the North West Woodcraft Guild
Saturday 23 March – Sunday 26 May

Grain: the pattern of fibres in wood, and the fabric of life in a community. Grain is age, it is history; and like rings of a tree, each year’s moments and experiences creates strength and resilience.

Wood: so forgiving and versatile; no two pieces are the same. There are no limits to its expressiveness. It connects us with our creativity, the environment and our ancestors. Wood also connects us to our descendants through pieces passed on.
Craft: when the saw cut is crooked or the joints don’t fit, it teaches us patience and persistence. When the plane runs smoothly or the chisel cut is even, we feel incomparable satisfaction and peace.

Guild: an association of people with similar interests or pursuits. “The best part of being a member of the Guild is being around people with matching interests, sharing ideas, learning new practices, new techniques and skills, inspiring each other.” “Every
time I walk through the door, I am surrounded by amazing smells and sounds, and the combined knowledge of the patient, kind and friendly members.”

Tools: My favourite woodworking tools are “the Stanley 13-050 combination hand plane my dad gave me.” “The marking knife Pat helped me make.” “Anything I can plug in!” “Wood turning tools,” and “very sharp chisels.”

This exhibition reflects the proud history of the North West Woodcraft Guild and through it, the story of Tasmanian wood. Showcasing unique minor tree species, it highlights the potential for our state to use this resource wisely and sustainably.
Revealing the warmth, humour and knowledge of the Guild, follow the journey of a wood crafter from the struggle of learning, the selection and preparation of the timber, the disappointment of a piece breaking, to the determination and ultimate
joy of completing a piece — in Grain.

Jill Ball, The Spinx, various timbers, 2021-2023



Jane Lemon, Gumnut, Tasmanian oak (eucalyptus) and burl, Murtle, 2010



Peter Winskill, Music and Guitar Stands, Huon pine, Blackwood (detail), c. 2013




10am – 4pm daily


Level 1 of Hive


An exhibition by the North West Woodcraft Guild
Saturday 23 March 2024 – Sunday 26 May 2024