Come to join us at the Tasmanian Science Centre, where we explore the rich science stories of the North West Region.

At the Tasmanian Science Centre we celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) stories from our local North West Region, and Tasmania at large.

Rich in successful science breakthroughs in agriculture, geology and sustainable energy, our centre highlights these great achievements with high-level interactive installations, featuring local stories with global outreach.

Partnering with some amazing local and national stakeholders, we are excited for you to experience the great projects on display.

Tasmania’s only science centre presents local stories of scientific success.

Race your mates on the Derby Track!

Visit us on the top floor of Hive to delve into the wonders we have to share, explore the makers space, build a car and race your mates on the Derby Track and say hi to our local bee hive.

Join us as we recognise some great Tasmanian firsts in the areas of innovation and imagination and invite you to celebrate with us as Tassie kicks some serious science goals!

10am – 4pm daily

Level 2 at Hive