Covid-19 Safety

At HIVE your health and safety is important to us.

To ensure we can protect our visitors, staff and volunteers we ask that you follow some COVID-19 safety procedures in and around the building.

There are some simple steps below and we ask that you follow any instructions given by our helpful staff and volunteers regarding your safety.

Most importantly – If you are not feeling well and have been experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms we ask that you stay home until you are feeling better before coming in to visit us.

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We ask that all visitors, staff and volunteers respect the physical distancing rules. Keep an eye on the signage to help – when in doubt, give everyone a little extra space.



Hand sanitiser dispensers are available throughout the building, please make use of them regularly. We’ll be implementing a full clean each day prior to opening.


Room Capacity

We want to keep everyone safe, so if a room has reached maximum capacity according to the signage, you may have to wait a moment and take in the view.