Hive offers a diverse series of tailored science and art workshops for children and students of all ages. We currently have limited availability for School Visits in Term 1.

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School visits can be tailored to your needs, but might include:

  1. A visit to our exciting Science Centre
  2. A live Planetarium experience
  3. A visit to the Museum or Art Gallery



Hive Safety Management Plan

Our Safety Management Plan has been prepared to provide further information to assist visiting group supervisors in developing their risk assessments and other planning.

While Hive facilitators, staff and volunteers will run the program with the students, duty of care remains the responsibility of teachers and adults associated with each group visiting Hive throughout. It is expected that a teacher or adult from each group will be present in any Hive space with students or children. Teacher to student ratios can be found within the Safety Management Plan.

Please contact if you have any questions.

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