School Visits

We’re excited to begin hosting School Visits at HIVE from Term One 2022.

Please use the contact us form below to register your interest and we’ll be in touch soon!

School Visits can be tailored to your needs, but might look like:


  1. A visit to the Tasmanian Science Centre
  2. A live Planetarium experience or a film screening at the Planetarium
  3. A visit to the Ulverstone Museum and Art Gallery
  4. Your choice of workshop (depending on availability)

Workshop availability will be updated regularly but may include:

Keeping the Lights On

This fun, educational workshop explores electricity generation in the Tasmanian context, with a special focus on the renewable sources used in Tasmania.

Through hands-on demonstrations and a role-playing simulation of the electricity grid, students gain an appreciation of some of the challenges involved in supplying power to local and external customers using renewables, and some of the solutions (eg pumped storage, external connection) that are or can be used.

Curriculum Focus: Gr 4 Physical sciences, Gr 6 Physical Sciences, & Science as a human endeavour

Workshop Length: 1 hour

Magic Magnets

In magic magnets children explore the non-contact force of magnetism using different strength magnets and observing their effect on a compass and various metals. They also build a simple electromagnet. Applications of magnetism are taught and demonstrated – e.g. Motors, Metal sorting and Maglev trains.

Curriculum Focus: Gr 4 Physical sciences, Gr 6 Physical Sciences

Length of Workshop: 1.5 hours (G1-6)

Circuit Scribe

Children draw their own circuits with conductive ink, providing practical hands-on circuit making and an introduction to many basic electronic components and concepts and also logic. The lessons include free form sections, encouraging experimentation and creativity in the children.

Mainly for primary aged children, there is potential for more involved lessons to be developed.

Curriculum Focus: Gr 5-6 Design Tech, Gr 6 Physical Sciences

Workshop Length: 1.5 hours (G5-6)

Wonders of Minerals

In this workshop students are introduced to attractive specimens of local minerals and rocks of importance as well as some common semi-precious gemstones from around the world.

Through hands on observation and testing of selected specimens the properties that make the stones desirable are explored and discussed. Through the activity of panning students are introduced to mining and resource extraction, relevant information regarding formation of rocks is discussed.

Includes an outline of state rules regarding rock and mineral collection and information on local Geology and Lapidary clubs.

Curriculum Focus: Gr 4 (Chemistry, Earth Science, Science as a human endeavour)

Workshop Length: 1 hour

Science through the ages Chemistry workshop 1&2

In these workshops students explore some of the ways past societies have used chemistry for making useful products, they form a linked pair but can be taken individually.

  1. Students will make Casein based glue. Applications for casein products such as in aircraft construction and plastic making are taught.
  2. Students will make pigments and use those pigments to create tempera, popular during renaissance times.

Curriculum Focus: Gr 4 (Chemical), Gr 6 (Chemical), Science as a human endeavour.

Workshop Length: Each workshop 1.5 hours

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