Upcoming Exhibition


Sophie Underwood
13 August – 25 September 2022

Sophie Underwood’s Boukla exhibition is the culmination of two journeys – one artistic, the other personal, that came together in an unexpected twist that raises questions about the impact of nature versus nurture, and the indelible power of cultural roots and ancestral memory.

Follow Sophie on her decade-long journey of self-discovery to learn about her biological heritage that unexpectedly intersected with her artistic practice, when she discovered that the colourful floral collages she had been drawn to creating are the cultural symbol of Kastellorizo, a tiny Greek island, which ultimately turned out to be the source of her paternal heritage.

Also on display will be a series of enchanting Kastellorizian women’s textiles on public display for the first time, generously loaned by a member of the Kastellorizian community in Victoria as a compliment to Sophie’s beautiful collages.

About the artist

Born in Hobart, Sophie Underwood’s upbringing on this naturally beautiful island has forged in her a love of plants, especially flowers, and islands. Over her life, she has had many roles – mother, wife, artist, advocate and activist, to which she is now adding visual artist with Boukla, her first exhibition.



Soma Lumia - takayna Anthropocene Blues

Sophie Underwood with Green & Blue, 2022

Photograph by Oliver Berlin



10am – 4pm daily


Level 1 of Hive


Sophie Underwood
13 August – 25 September 2022