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June 15


11:00 am - 11:45 am

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Hive Ulverstone



50 Main Street, Ulverstone, TAS 7315

Ulverstone, TAS, AU, 7315

Multiple Dates
Exclusive access to our Hive Planetarium shows. Come along and take in the view!


Home to the largest planetarium in Tasmania, visitors will be able to study the night sky and learn from our experienced staff, including resident expert and Principal Astronomer, Dr. Martin George.

Our Planetarium will take you on a journey through space and allow you to explore the universe, all from the comfort of Hive.

About our shows:

From Earth to the Universe is a 30-minute show taking the audience on a voyage through time and space. Using a combination of sights and sounds, it shows the Universe as revealed to us by science, from our Solar System out to the distant galaxies. The show was produced for the European Southern Observatory’s Supernova Planetarium and Visitor Centre and is now being shown at the Ulverstone Planetarium at Hive. The minimum age for attendance to this show is five years.

We are Guardians examines how the ecosystems of our world are intrinsically connected and how, with the help of satellites, we can examine the links between human activities and climate change. The minimum age for attendance to this show is five years.

The Sun: Our Living Star explains many of early ideas about our Sun and how modern science has enabled us to understand so much more today. Find out how energy is created in the Sun, and why the Sun will eventually make life on Earth impossible after a few billion years. The minimum age for attendance to this show is five years.

Capturing the Cosmos highlights work being carried out by Australian astronomers, especially all-sky astronomy by the SkyMapper telescope in New South Wales and the Murchison Wide-field Array in Western Australia, which have been designed to survey large sections of the sky. The minimum age for attendance to this show is five years.

Tycho Goes to Mars sees Tycho, our favourite space dog, blasting off for the Red Planet. Tycho will explore many of the amazing features of Mars, including the largest volcano in the Solar System! Tycho Goes to Mars was produced by the Melbourne Planetarium. This show is suitable for younger audiences, including under 5s. There is no minimum age limit for this show. All ages are welcome!

Each show will include a live talk on ‘what’s in the sky tonight?’, which will be fun for all the family.

Your Hive Planetarium show ticket will also give you general access to the Hive building including the Science Centre, Museum and Art Gallery.


School Holiday Schedule – 13 April to 27 April, 2024


11am: We are Guardians

2pm: Capturing the Cosmos


11am: From Earth to the Universe

2pm: Tzim Tzum + The Sun


11am: Tycho goes to Mars All ages show

2pm: Phantom of the Universe


11am: Tzim Tzum + We are Guardians

2pm: From Earth to the Universe


11am: The Sun

2pm: Tzim Tzum + Capturing the Cosmos


11am: Tycho goes to Mars All ages show

2pm: Tzim Tzum + Phantom of the Universe

Sundays and morning of April 25: Closed


Please be advised of the following terms & conditions:

Please arrive at Hive at least fifteen minutes before the start of the show.

• Eventbrite ticket holders are requested to check in at Hive Visitor Services before making their way to the Planetarium.

• Tickets can be purchased at Hive Visitor Services if seats are still available.

• Shows start promptly on the hour, and unfortunately latecomers cannot be admitted once the doors have been closed.

• Visitors who leave the Planetarium during the show cannot be re-admitted.

The minimum age for Planetarium attendance is five years for Capturing the Cosmos, We are Guardians, The Sun: Our Living Star, From Earth to the Universe, and Two Small Pieces of Glass. This does not apply to Tycho Goes to the Moon and Tycho Goes to Mars.


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A display of the aurora australis seen from Ulverstone in September 2015. Photograph by Martin George.

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